October 24, 2016: Mike Rykaceski at Concept Foods

On Monday, October 24, our general meeting was hosted by Concept Foods in Carnegie. Mike Rykaceski and Jayme Schneider, Exec Chef, introduced the new line of Rational Ovens. In short, you can do anything in these ovens. Their capabilities are so advanced the only thing they don’t do is to eat the food for you!   Jayme & Mike prepared roasted asparagus, red “B” potatoes, beef tenderloin, and shrimp all prepared in the Rational Oven. I would suggest going online to see just what this oven can do. It’s truly impressive.  https://www.rational-online.com/o/in/products/produkte_neu/der_neue_rational/index.html

Raquel Fava Rockwell & Alisa Fava Fasnacht of Emerald Valley Artisans of Washington, PA talked about their farm, the cheese making process, and how they choose the cows for the milk they use. We were also treated to a few of their cheeses. The cheese was fantastic; the flavor was robust and texture was creamy.

At the meeting, Chef Inzinga talked about the Anything Goes competition next month at Pittsburgh Technical College, hosted by Chef Hart. The competition’s theme is autumn soups. Judging will begin at 6:15.  Competitors should arrive in time to heat soup, plate, and clean up.  The general meeting begins at 7:00.  Competitors should bring their own bowls and pot for heating their soup.  They should be prepared to serve 4 entrée sized portions.