March 27, 2017: Dessert Pies Competition and Callebaut Chocolate at CCAC

Our March General meeting was at CCAC, hosted by Chef Inzinga. Dan Berman from Callebaut Chocolates presented a video on the production of chocolates from the farm through the processing. He explained that the cacao beans from Callebaut are sourced from smaller privately owned plantations. His company has spent millions of dollars on irrigation & sanitation on all of the plantations. Along with his presentation, there was 8-10 various chocolates from around the world for us to taste. Chocolate tasting can is like wine tasting. All the varieties had different notes of berries, nuts, and even bitterness.

At the March monthly meeting of the ACF Pittsburgh Chapter, we had 7 students enter the “Anything Goes” competition. The theme of the competition was Dessert Pies. Entering the competition were:

  • Abbey Bartrug, a student at CCAC.
  • Trisha Butler, a student at Bidwell Training Center
  • Kathleen Garland, student at Bidwell Training Center
  • Richard Grabowski, a student at Bidwell Training Center
  • Sara Heenan, a pastry cook at the Duquesne Club
  • Katherine Marshall, a student at CCAC
  • Kodi Mikiewicz, a pastry cook at the Duquesne Club

The competition was judged by Chefs, Scott Burkhart, and Dan Berman, and Bill Hunt.

Results of the competition:

  • 1st Place: Sara Heenan, Lemon Blueberry Pie
  • 2nd Place: Kodi Mikiewicz, Mudslide Pie
  • 3rd Place: Katherine Marshall, Port Poached Apple Pie

Chef Inzinga and his students made Chicken Burritos to order, and the pies were available for tasting.

We had about 25 attendees, some were old friends from my years at PA Culinary. It was great seeing these friends again.