June 26, 2017 - Joe Bello at Bidwell Training Center

On Monday 26 June, Chef Cindy Tuite and Bidwell Training Center hosted our meeting. Chef Bello did a wine and barbecue paring. Chef Buskey and students from Bidwell prepared the food for the tasting. There were 25 – 30 attendees. 

We also had our second meeting of the Next Gen Council. It was attended by 9 council members and 7 Board members. The Board members were impressed with the council member’s desire to keep the ACF an important part of their professional lives. The discussion centered how the council can assist in recruiting additional culinarians to become interested in the ACFPC. As we sat there talking about the importance of getting information out to our culinary community, some of the council were on their phones sending out information they were discussing. 

Photo Credit: Kathleen Garland