January 30, 2017: Small Scale Maple Syrup Production at Bidwell Training Center

At our January meeting, Gary, Margaret, and Lisa Beiswenger spoke about the art of Small-Scale Maple Syrup Production at Bidwell Training Center.

About five years ago, Gary and Margaret Beiswenger embarked on a journey to make the perfect maple syrup.  Over the years, they have honed their craft and now produce a couple of gallons of superb maple syrup every year.  If you're curious about maple syrup production, but missed the January meeting, Lisa created a PowerPoint lecture to walk you through the process.  Samples of maple water, maple syrup, maple sugar, and maple cookies were provided by the Beiswengers.  Chef Brian Buskey and the students at Bidwell also created a special maple syrup themed menu for attendees.

Watch the lecture The Art of Small-Scale Maple Syrup Production here: