January 26, 2016: Smallman Galley

Our January Meeting was held on Tuesday, January 26 at 7pm at Smallman Galley. Forty-six members and guests were in attendance at the meeting. As they state on their website, “Smallman Galley isn’t your average restaurant. ‘It’s a semi-permanent pop-up, mixed with a culinary school, mixed with a business school, mixed with a food hall,’ explains Tyler Benson. Benson and his partner, Ben Mantica, are the founders of Smallman Galley, a Strip District restaurant incubator […]. For 18 months the Galley’s chefs will run their own kitchens, honing a menu, building a following and learning valuable skills, like calculating food costs and writing a business plan. The entire program works toward getting the chefs their own restaurants — within six months of completion, if not sooner. ‘Everything is designed around them,’ explains Mantica.”

The four chefs at Smallman Galley made amuse plates for our sampling:

  • Chef Raphel Vencio from Aubergine Bistro: Winter Root Vegetable Tart, Ricotta, Pickled Onions, Peanuts
  • Chef Jessica Lewis from Carota Café: Carrot Soup
  • Chef Jacqueline Wardle from Josephine's Toast: Wheat Toast, Garlic butter, Escarole, Confit Chicken, Parmesan Reggiano
  • Chef Stephen Eldridge from Provision PGH: Crispy Chicken Skin Biscuit Sandwich, House Made Pickle

Read about Smallman Galley here:  http://www.smallmangalley.org/

ACFPC Vice President Joe Bello took pictures at the meeting.