February 23, 2015: Samuel & Son Seafood and Shrimp Competition

The "Anything Goes" contest attracted nine entries this month. After two cancellations because of work schedules and a third due to an injury, the field was narrowed to six competitors.  Congratulations to all who competed. Competitions enable us to develop professional attitudes, hone our skills, and share ideas with one another.  It was a great contest. Here are the results: Brandon Allen entered"Thai Inspired Shrimp Terrine" earning him the first place ribbon, engraved wall plaque and the Wüsthof10 inch Chefs Knife. The second place plaque, ribbon and 8 inch Wüsthof Chefs Knifewent to Cyd Taylor with her "Coconut Poached Shrimp Tostadas". Third place wall plaque, ribbon and WüsthofParing Knife was awarded to Jay Johnson for his "Shrimp Shooters". Marley Faulks, Valicia Taylor, and Carl Taylor picked up a certificate of participation for their efforts. Judges Chef Byron Bardy CMC, Timothy Tain CEC, and Scott Burkhart all commented on the flavorful presentations. Thank you judges for your time, expertise and your commitment to budding culinarians in the Pittsburgh area.

Annette Richardson was the spokesperson for the event sponsored by Samuel & Son Seafood from Philadelphia, Pa.  They service all of New York, New Jersey, D.C., Philadelphia & Pittsburgh.  The company is known for carrying sushi products, nationally recognized kosher program, hand picked program for scallops & made fresh seafood salads.  They are able to distribute within 24 hours and can boast of their ozone process purification process. The next competition will be in May. Looking forward to seeing you there!