August 14, 2014: Callebaut Chocolate at Market District in Robinson

On Thursday, August 14 in the cooking school at Market District in Robinson Township, we were treated to an educational, and entertaining demonstration by Chef Geoff Blount from Callebaut Chocolate.  Chef Blount demonstrated two recipes: Banana caramel Bon Bons and Pear Verrine with both cremeux and bavarois.  He also demonstrated how to make an elegant showpiece without expensive molds.  He demonstrated how to shape chocolate flower petals with nothing but a little parchment paper and a bit of PVC pipe; how to make shapes with boxes, tea cups, and cake pans; and how to add color to show pieces without investing in expensive air brushes. Guests were given a booklet from Callebaut which included a variety of recipes and techniques that can be used to create delicious desserts.