President - Rikk Panzera     CEC, CCE, AAC      

Vice President - Joe Bello

Treasurer - Scott Burkhart

Secretary, William Hunt     CEC, CCE, AAC

Sergeant-at-Arms - Brian Buskey     CEC

Chairperson - Richard Chene     CEC, AAC


Board of Directors

Richard Chene, Board Chair     CEC, AAC

Keither Coughenour     CEC, AAC

Art Inzinga     CEC, CCE, AAC

Johan Meinke     CEC, AAC

Timothy Tain     CEC, CCE, AAC

Cynthia Tuite     CEC, CCE, AAC

Raymond Wesolowski

Jeffery Whyle



Paul Laesecke - Founder, President Emeritus

Abel Bomberault - Dean of Chefs