July 2018

Greetings everyone,

I hope this letter finds you all in a summer frame of mind. Now that school is out, many of you will be going on family vacations. Take this time to enjoy your family. Relax and enjoy this time because when you return to work you will be as busy and as crazy as summer always gets. We’ve all heard this on the news, but I would like to remind you since our weather has been more than hot make sure anytime you spend outdoors, keep yourself hydrated and covered from the sun. It does not take long for our bodies to become dehydrated and it will happen long before you realize it. Also, if you have elderly family, friends, and neighbors check on them and monitor young children’s outdoor activity as well.

Last Monday, our meeting was at Treesdale Country Club in Gibsonia. Steve Lovener owner of Goat Rodeo Farm and Dairy did a wonderful presentation on his farm and the cheese making process. His slideshow and discussion on the procedure was very informative and, at times, humorous.

I would like to thank Joe Conver, G.M. for hosting the meeting and Joe Elliot Exec. Chef for preparing a very nice Hors D’ Oeuvre tasting. There was also an Anything Goes Competition which was sponsored by Goat Rodeo Farm. The theme was Goat Cheese Hors D’ Oeuvres. There were three competitors: Annamaria Esplen (Bidwell Training Center), Richard Grabowski (Bidwell Training Center), and Conner Capozoli (Duquesne Club). The competition was judged by Chefs John King and Johan Meinke who were joined by Steve Loevner, owner of Goat Rodeo Farm. Everyone did a very nice job. Annamaria won first place, Conner won second place, and Richard won third. Thank you to the judges and competitors.

As a reminder, there will not be a general meeting in July. We will have our annual family picnic at Turner’s Dairy Farm in Slicksville. The directions are on the ACPFC website. This year, we’ll be joined by Chef Tim Fetter, President of the Laurel Highlands ACF Chapter and his members. We’ve also invited the Punxsutawney ACF Chapter as well.  I’m hoping we’ll have a great turnout. Chef Buskey and I went to the farm last month to take a look at it, and it is certainly in the country. There is a large pavilion, two ponds, (so bring fishing poles), volleyball, and horseshoes areas. Please feel free to bring any outdoor games you may have, there’s plenty of room to spread out.

The food will be prepared by 2 graduates of Bidwell Training Center, Mark Zigler and Jolando Hinton, along with a little help from our friends. Most of the food was donated by many of our purveyor/supporters.

Our August meeting will be at Olive & Tap on Monday, August 27, 2018. More information will be posted on our website.

As many of you have noticed we’ve been posting meeting information on our website and sending meeting announcements through Constant Contact. Starting this month, we will continue to inform you of our meetings and functions in this manner. Please don’t forget to check your emails for our meeting dates and locations. Also, if you have changed your email or home address please contact me so I can have it changed in our database so you will not have a disruption in your notices.

Finally, last week one of our long-time members Jeffery, fell from a ladder while cleaning the gutters and was hurt quite badly. He is at home and will require lots of rest and possibly some rehab. Please keep him your thoughts. We all wish him a fast and full recovery.

Rikk Panzera CEC, CCE, AAC
ACFPC President